About Seated Massage Professionals

Seated massage is like an express massage it only takes minutes and is very mobile. Seated massage focuses mainly on the back. The shoulders, arms, hands, and neck can also be worked on during the massage. The only thing that is needed to be removed is a jacket if the client is wearing one. It is also one of the most inexpensive. With seated massage there is no need to for lotion, cream, oils, or gel, so no need to worry about skin allergies.

Workplace: Seated massage in the workplace. Is where the therapist comes to the workplace. This is a chair massage that does not take up a lot of time or space.  With the therapist(s) coming to you makes it even better for time and convenient. 4 or 5 employees/workers can be done within an hour.

Events: Seated massage is a great way to have relaxation that everyone can enjoy. Don’t take up a lot of room, don’t need a private room, and can easily be moved to different area of an event. People are always surprised how much good just 10 or 15 minutes can feel. Seated massage adds a relaxing element to all events. At first you feel tried, but 3 minutes after you will feel refreshed.  

Seated Massage Professionals Full Body: This is for the people who want the full body massage treatment. At Santi now in their new location in Yorktown. Here you can get massage in a chair or on a table. You can book an appointment by going to https://www.massagebook.com/Yorktown~Massage~seated-massage-professionals?src=external and see the rates for the services.  3630 George Washington Memorial Hwy, Yorktown, VA 23693