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Greeting everyone and thank you for visiting this site. Your visit also means that you may want Seated Massage Professionals to work at your event. There is nothing like “Adding the Element of Relaxation or “Taking Stress out the Work Place”, like a seated massage done by professionals. We are more than ready and happy to provide the service of massage. To book us for your event call or text this number (757)725-0617 (ask for Allen) or email info@seatedmassagepro.com. Oh almost forgot you can also leave a message on this website 

Want to do something? Want to make your event or celebration special? Well Seated Massage Professionals is just what you need. We are a mobile chair massage business made for events. With us you add the “Element of Relaxation”. We are affordable, easy to place, and most importantly we are something people love. Next time you want to have an event or celebration think Seated Massage Professionals  

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