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Seated Massage Professionals: Full Body is when the clients come in for a full body massage services. Here you can receive spa like services with massage cream, hot towels, hot synergy stones, and exfoliating sugar scrubs. Different massage modalities like Swedish, deep tissue, and of course seated chair massage just to name a few. It will be your best experience first hand. Book your appointment now, and see what SMP: Full body has to offer. "Let Massage Be Your Self-Care"

Seated massage professionals is a mobile chair massage business. That can be used in so many different ways. One part is having seated massage at the work place. It is somethings that employees would love and businesses can benefit from. "Take Stress Out The Work Place"

Seated Massage Professionals can operate in events: business or personal. It is an unique element that most people would not even think of having. Don't be like everybody else. Be that trend setter and book Seated Massage Professional today. "Add The Element of Relaxation"



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